Ara Syndicate Direction: New Space, Nasa, Art

I don't post too often here, and I am not certain how many viewers there are, but thank you in advance for visiting. When I first started this I was fresh off a college project off of the NASA/MICI undergraduate program.  As time has unwound I am finding myself wondering what direction to take the blog in; at the nexus of high quality content, space art, private space, and new discoveries. 

I have learned a great deal but for clarity's sake I would like to define Ara Syndicate by what I won't do:

1. I do not cover the politics of space flight or take sides- I am interested in all new advancements as each one brings the species closer to space as a whole. (Neil Armstrong quote goes here)

2. I do not post maybes when I can help it. I know there is usually more hype and fluff in this industry than there is actual hardware. I will not post vaporware; when a hardware system or technology is demonstrated by its creators or owning company I will post whatever related materials here- no speculative ventures or pipe dreams until they are ready for testing, as I believe that testing is the true crucible for any improvement.

3. I will try to obtain first hand information whenever possible and will minimize re-posting material from other sites; I will also insure that all due credit is given. If you would like something taken down, please contact me at; and I will remove content as soon as possible. 

Right now I am excited about the exoplanet discoveries, and am following them very closely.
Any artwork that is not space art will be posted at

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